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I have many accolades and much training that I could bore you with. What I really want to share with you is why I do what I do. You see I know firsthand what it is like to be a busy professional, caught up in the day to day details of work and family. My husband and I have experienced the ups and downs of marriage.  While he was running a business, I was working, taking care of the kids and the household.  The kids were growing up and starting to be self-sufficient and even starting to move away.  I was feeling disconnected and started to fear we would grow apart.  That is a scary feeling! It was through traveling together that we reconnected, relaxed and had fun together again for the first time in years.  It was then that I realized how travel can be healing for couples and I wanted to offer this service to couples like me.  


Out of my life’s journey, Red Carpet Destinations was born.  Many of my clients are empty nesters or almost empty nesters, entering the next stage of their life—semi-retired, retired or maybe thinking about retirement, as well as enjoying grandchildren.  I understand the joys and challenges that midlife has to offer.  Let’s face it, IT IS OUR TIME!  We deserve the joy, the love, the intimacy and the fun.

So, whether it’s a romantic getaway with the one you love or spending time traveling with friends and family, I relish the opportunity to guide groups of people like you and me, who’ve worked a lifetime, to live a life we thought we could only imagine.  My purpose is to connect others to joy and possibilities through my courage, determination, and kindness.  Travel is the perfect way for me to achieve my purpose.  Let Red Carpet Destinations be the conduit creating your life of luxury, romance, and relaxation.  

Ramona Tauzin


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