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  • Ramona Tauzin

Enjoy the Holidays… Let Someone Else Cook & Clean

While the holidays are joyous reasons to celebrate and bring family together, they certainly have the ability to cause us a lot of stress too. Hosting holidays for family and friends can get overwhelming. The cooking, cleaning and preparing are more than enough responsibility to take on during such a busy time of year. Even if you’re not the one hosting, there’s still a lot of hustle and bustle that tends to come along with a holiday anyway. So instead of spending it the way you traditionally would this year, why not take a holiday cruise with your loved ones?

The best part of taking a holiday cruise is letting someone else clean and cook for everyone while you all get to spend it relaxing in much warmer weather, bonding and truly enjoying one another’s company. Now, perhaps the trickiest part is getting everyone to agree on what type of cruise to take. Luckily, there are a ton of options. Holiday cruises are a splendid thing and it seems that everyone is catching on. Due to the increased desire for families to partake in holiday festivities this way, many cruise lines have adapted and created holiday cruise itineraries.

Different Kinds of Holiday Cruises

You may first want to decide where it is you and your family would like to cruise through. This will certainly narrow your options some. Once a destination(s) is established, you can then see what the cruise lines for that region have scheduled for the holidays. Of course, you and your family don’t have to choose a destination first if the festivities, entertainment and amenities aboard the ship mean more to all of you.

As you look into all of the holiday cruises available you will notice that there are many kinds. Aside from narrowing your options by destination choices, check the rates of every cruise too and decide whether you and your family should go on a premium or luxury cruise. Otherwise, here are just some of the holiday cruise advantages and festivities you may spot as you continue your research…

  • Holiday buffets

  • Christmas markets

  • Gingerbread house and cookie decorating

  • Live holiday themed performances

  • Christmas movies

  • Parades and Christmas gift giving

  • Kids arts and crafts

  • Tree lighting and decorating

  • Christmas caroling

  • Ugly sweater parties and more…

To learn more about the wide range of holiday themed cruise lines and their festivities, amenities and destinations, send us an email expressing your interest and including any questions you might have. We will happily get back to you as soon as possible.

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