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  • Ramona Tauzin

What Is the Difference between River and Ocean Cruising?

Although ocean cruises were once the preferable, popular way to travel on water, the desire for people to go on river cruises has significantly increased. River cruises have existed for quite some time but it wasn’t until recent years that they chose to become more modernized, accommodating and innovative. So now that both ocean and river cruising are in such high demand, you may be wondering how they differ from one another.

River Cruising

  • River cruises are much like the guided tours you receive on land in that they pass many historically important structures and breathtaking natural elements.

  • You don’t have to pack and unpack more than once

  • Some river cruise lines have luxurious amenities available

  • You won’t be on the rough ocean waters so the cruise tends to be smoother

  • Many river cruises includes shore tours

  • You can book shorter cruises with fewer sea days

  • Shore tours are more culturally concentrated

  • You dock directly in town and the distance between ports is typically shorter

Advantages of Ocean Cruising

  • Ocean cruises offer more accommodations, entertainment and convenient features

  • Ocean cruises are often on meg ships with multiple pools, spas, fitness centers, dining halls, award winning restaurants, boutiques, and other luxuries

  • You will stop at multiple destinations

  • You can choose to stay aboard an ocean cruise for almost as long as you’d like since they tend to be longer

  • Ocean cruise ships have bigger rooms and overall more space

  • You get more time to relax and sleep in while on ocean cruises

  • Overall, you get more options when it comes to your destination, amenity and feature interests

Now that you understand the advantages of both ocean and river cruising, you are well-equipped to choose which one you’re going on next. By all means, you could plan on taking both at some point so that you can experience the advantages for each of them. River cruising and ocean cruising both bring so much to the table. The differences between both of them definitely make it worthwhile to go on both at some point in your life and fortunately, cruises are relatively affordable depending on your preferences.

To find out more about ocean and river cruising or if you happen to need anymore guidance and advice, please send us an email with your inquiries. We will be happy to provide you with any of the information you seek so that you can start planning your next cruise.

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